Air Misting

    We are the manufacturers of air misting machine, also known as fogging machine, it serves a myriad of purposes, offering a versatile solution for pest control, dust suppression, and odor management. Its fine spray efficiently disperses chemical solutions, proving invaluable in various scenarios.

    Especially during global crises like the spread of a dangerous virus, this equipment becomes indispensable. Its utility extends beyond health emergencies to industries such as construction, coal, fly ash, and stone-related work. These misting machines play a crucial role in tackling such pressing situations.

    Moreover, their applications span disinfection, fumigation, and containment of bugs, microbes, and viruses. By settling fine dust particles like PM2.5 and PM10 to the ground, they effectively reduce air pollution, a pivotal function in environmental conservation.

    Customization is key in Alwazo solutions misting systems, tailored precisely to meet client specifications. The manufacturing process incorporates cutting-edge technology, ensuring top-notch quality in air-misting machines. Additionally, the collaboration with a team of skilled engineers and designers results in the production of Fog Cannon machines. These machines, available in fixed and movable options, exhibit adaptability across various work environments.

    Anti smog gun is a device that sprays atomized water into the atmosphere to reduce air pollution.

    Anti-smog gun Range: Up to 100 Meters

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