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    Fresh MSW Processing

    The world annually produces around 2.01 million tonnes of solid municipal waste. Shockingly, merely 33 percent of this substantial quantity is safely disposed of, representing a conservative estimate. Poor waste management practices can trigger unforeseen climate changes and adversely affect air quality. The ramifications of neglecting this issue can inflict severe damage on ecosystems and various species. This underscores the critical necessity for automatic waste separator machines. These machines are crucial in addressing this challenge by efficiently sorting waste, preventing improper disposal, and significantly mitigating the environmental impact of inadequate waste management techniques.

    What exactly is MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)?

    Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) essentially refers to the accumulation of discarded items or trash from the public, whether it’s on land, water, or other areas. Unfortunately, the volume of this unnecessary waste is steadily growing, compounding the issue.

    Companies like Alwazo Solutions, prominent in India’s waste management sector, undertake comprehensive management of waste. They cover handling, storage, transfer, transportation, processing, disposal, and notably, recycling. Adhering strictly to government guidelines and policies, they utilize advanced plastic waste sorting technologies. These modern recycling machines enable the careful treatment of both domestic and commercial waste without compromising public health or environmental integrity. The company aims to settle, break down, and reintroduce waste materials back into circulation in a manner that aligns with safety regulations and environmental preservation.


    Alwazo Solutions stands out as a distinguished manufacturer specializing in waste segregation plants, dedicated to efficiently handling and managing the Earth’s waste. Our focus extends to Plastic waste management, aiming to revolutionize waste management infrastructure, making it smarter, sustainable, and environmentally recyclable conscious. Since our inception, we’ve prioritized technology and top-tier segregation sorting machines to ensure minimal waste ends up in landfills.

    Driven by the fundamental principles of waste management 3R’s— “RECYCLING,” “REUSING,” & “REDUCING,” we’re committed to implementing decentralized disposal solutions that propel the world toward a greener future.

    Our Plastic Waste Management Strategy isn’t solely about collecting, transporting, and disposing of waste. It’s a comprehensive approach that involves monitoring, controlling, and crucially, recycling generated waste. This strategy significantly alleviates the strain on remediation landfill sites while fostering a more sustainable waste management ecosystem.

    Here’s what our plastic waste management techniques can do:

    We’re pioneering the way in handling, processing, and efficiently disposing of tons of municipal waste, minimizing both effort and time. Our state-of-the-art MSW plants in India offers systematic solutions, meticulously treating various waste categories like paper, plastic, electronics, and glass separately.

    Recognizing the industry’s trajectory toward digitization, we’re spearheading a revolutionary shift by infusing technology into our operations. This technological advancement ensures a more professional and efficient approach to waste management.

    Our team of professionals and experts is at the forefront of systematically customizing the MSW process. Through our innovative Garbage sorting machine, we’ve streamlined the handling of different types of waste simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

    Your Garbage Disposal Solutions Ends Safe With Us!

    Our commitment lies in fostering a circular economy, wherein all types of waste are recycled or reused. Leveraging patented waste sorting machines, we’re dedicated to ensuring that waste is managed sustainably, contributing to a more eco-conscious approach to waste management. Our approach spans from comprehending the quantity of garbage produced to ensuring the quality of our methodologies. We are dedicated to addressing the various challenges associated with efficiently managing the MSW processing, aiming for a zero-waste-to-landfill approach. Our commitment is to offer you a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive waste management solution.

    Alwazo Solutions is the leading screening equipment manufacturer. In addition, we provide numerous methods, services and waste screening systems in order to separate materials. Besides this, we design, manufacture, and supply screening machine and composting machine.