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A Trommel Screen, a vital piece of mining equipment, consists of a cylindrical drum with numerous perforations of a specified size. Functioning as a mechanical solution for waste separation and categorization, these machines, known as Trommels, are robust screening devices extensively employed in the waste processing industry and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) plants to segregate various types of waste.

The Trommel operates with a cylindrical drum featuring multiple holes of varying sizes on its surface, executing a circular motion. As the drum rotates, the screen facilitates the separation of waste of a specific size, forming a designated pile, such as manure/compost. Waste larger than the hole size is retained at the back of the cylinder.

While the Trommel requires some manual intervention for smooth operation, it is user-friendly and operationally safe. Notably, it can handle both dry and wet waste. These highly effective machines play a pivotal role in our Zero Waste Mission, as the proper separation of waste is a crucial prerequisite for successful waste recycling and reuse initiatives.

Waste Segregation Capacity: 10 TPD – 2000 TPD

Specialities of our Trommel/Why our Trommel?

  1. Rubber tyre of sufficient size used for the circular motion.
  2. Single wheel drive which is easy to operate and maintain.
  3. Iron spring wire mesh is used for longer life and more perforation area.
  4. Strong build structure.
  5. Self-cleaning brushes are installed



1. Simple to operate and handle.
2. Easy to maintain.
3. Can handle waste with excess moisture also.
4. Self-Cleaning brushes – We are the only one providing trommel with self-cleaning brushes.
These machines can be used in both big and small plants based on the waste quantity and segregation capacity of the machines.

Rotary and Static Trommel Screen Capacity: 10 TPD – 2000 TPD

Waste Screening Machine

Why prefer Trommel machines manufactured by Alwazo?

Alwazo Solution stands as the premier manufacturer of screening equipment, offering a diverse range of methods and waste screening systems to effectively separate materials. Our expertise extends to the design, manufacturing, and supply of top-notch screening machines.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we proudly hold the position of leading Trommel/Mini Trommel Manufacturers in India. Our commitment to innovation and the delivery of high-quality products has earned us the trust of our customers. With a capacity range spanning from 10TPD to 200TPD, we specialize in the production of portable and movable Trommel screens. These screens come equipped with a pre-installed conveyor system, enabling operation at various locations within a landfill for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

Advantages of a Trommel

Our Trommel machine stands out due to several distinguishing qualities:

  1. Versatility in Wet and Dry Applications: Exhibits excellence in both wet and dry waste applications, ensuring efficient performance across various waste segregation processes.
  2. Ingenious Design for Segregation: Features concentric end sections and a beam design with bolt-on screen plates, facilitating effective waste segregation.
  3. Self-Cleaning Functionality: Equipped with self-cleaning brushes, ensuring continuous and hassle-free operation by preventing material buildup.
  4. Customizable Size Options: Available in various diameters and lengths tailored to accommodate different waste segregation capacities.
  5. Focus on Affordability and Maintenance: Prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering low-cost machines that are easy to maintain, reducing operational overheads.
  6. Easy Setup: Designed for convenience, these machines are easily set up near the waste source, requiring a water source and power supply for smooth operation.
  7. Effective Breakdown of Material: Capable of efficiently breaking up cemented/soil or compacted materials within the scrubber section, ensuring optimal waste processing.”

These distinctive features collectively make our Trommel machine a standout choice, offering versatility, efficiency, and ease of operation in waste segregation processes

Types of Trommels:

Trommel Screen VS Vibrating Screen
Trommel Screen
1. Energy Cost: Small, 50% of other sieve types
2. Noise: With a sealed enclosure, low noise
3. Service Life: Long
4. Working Environment: Good, there is a sealed isolation cover
Vibrating Screen

Disadvantages of a Trommel

While Trommels offer numerous advantages, they also come with certain drawbacks:

  1. Portability Challenges: Larger production units often lack portability, remaining stationary once set up. Transporting them to remote areas can be cumbersome, requiring towing to the site, and limiting their accessibility.
  2. High Initial Costs: Larger manufacturing units can be expensive, involving substantial start-up costs. The initial investment required for these units may pose a financial challenge for some operations.
  3. Additional Resource Requirements: Operating Trommels necessitates additional resources such as tools, spare parts, and, in the case of fuel models, gasoline or diesel fuel. These requirements contribute to the overall operational costs.

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